2024 Blue Ridge Show

The 2024 Blue Ridge Show will be held October 4th and 5th at Love Chapel Elementary School in Erwin, TN. A preview sale will be held from 5-8 p.m. on Thursday October 3rd. For more information click on the photo below.

2021 Blue Ridge Show

Latest Blue Ridge Book

Southern Potteries Blue Ridge Dinnerware - A Primer for Collectors Old and New by Jay Parker. Jay is a long time Blue Ridge collector and dealer and you can order it directly from him. Click on the image below for more information. He will also have it available at the 2022 Blue Ridge show in Erwin, TN October 6th - 8th

2020 Blue Ridge Show

2022 Blue Ridge Show

The 2022 Blue Ridge Pottery Club show and sale was held October 6th - October 8th. Below are a few pictures from the show. Click on an image for a larger view.

Next years show will be held October 5th - 7th, 2023. For more information click here.

Pattern Help?

I'm happy to help identify patterns or answer your Blue Ridge questions. See the Contact page for more information. The Pattern ID pages also may help.

For Sale

Coming Soon (Hopefully!)


Have a pattern or particular piece you're looking for? I may have or be able to help find those pieces. See the Contact page for more information.


This page contains numerous items including a history of Southern Potteries, and a page of the various marks used by the pottery over the years.  A 'Want List' of pieces sought after by other collectors can also be found here.

Interesting Ebay Auctions

Some rare and hard to find pieces are still selling very well on ebay.  Listed below are a few of those auctions and final selling prices (shipping cost not included).

Anniversary Song Bulbous Vase $160
Astor Bird Set - Blackbird $143
Astor Bird Set - Gray Catbird $145
Gold Cabin Artist Signed Plate $200
Flower Children 3-piece Set $356
Red Nocturne Square Round Teapot $256
Poinsettia Range Shakers $205
Quail Artist Signed 12" Plate $355
Turkey Gobbler Artist Signed Plate $213
Flower Cabin Artist Signed Plate $129
Nove Rose Demi Cup & Saucer $109
Mistress Mary Demi Cup & Saucer $255
Advertising Paint Palette Platter $183
Rose Hill Colonial Teapot $292
Grandmother's Garden Ovide Teapot $405
Farmyard Woodcrest Teapot $400
Mallard Shakers $193
Wild Strawberry Tile (chip) $106
Gold Cabin Artist Signed Plate $152
Romance Tab-handled Cake Plate $235
Antique Leaf 3 Tine Fork $168
Peony Alice Pitcher $710
Eventide Coffee Pot (no lid) $178
Daniel Boone Character Jug $330
Fall Colors Jane Pitcher $325
Sweet Clover Ovide Teapot $255
Crab Apple Ovide Teapot $510
Crab Apple Butter Dish $305
Dimity Sherman Lily Box $550
Blackberry Vine 10" Plate $103
Blue Dot Betsy $219
Lazy Day Farms 9" Plate $328
Daniel Boone Character Jug $325
Bluebell Bouquet Ball Teapot $182
June Bouquet Colonial Teapot $170
Border Print Leftover Covered Jar $103
Yellow Nocturne Bud Vase $172
Weathervane Spiral Pitcher $202
Fall Colrs Candy Box $384
Fall Colors Rebecca Pitcher $415
Red Barn Chevron Handle Teapot (tiny spout chip) $350
Turkey Gobbler Artist Signed Plate $325
Duck in Hat Child's plate $257
Burro 10" Plate $400
Autumn Apple Ovide Coffee Pot $340
Burro 10" Plate $280
Duck in Hat Child's Plate $216
Turkey Gobbler 10" Artist Signed Plate (hairline) $255
Winery Ball Teapot $455
Anniversary Song Chocolate Pot $187
French Peasant Chocolate Tray $565
Melody Mini Sprial Pitcher $285
Blue Ridge Counter Sign $451
Indian Character Jug $325
Roby Frog Child's Plate $712
Duck in Hat Child's Plate $178
Swiss Dancers Pedestal Creamer and Sugar $127
Calais Colonial Teapot (spout chip) $445
Weathervane Chevron Handle Teapot $435
French Peasant Demi Tray $363
French Peasant Ovide Teapot $203
Burro 10" Plate $836
Wild Strawberry Sprial Pitcher $510
Wild Strawberry Antique Pitcher $306
Indian Character Jug $500
Barn & Silo Covered Bowl $183
Red Barn China Shakers $417
Rose Hill Ovide Teapot $224
Anniversary Song Ruffle Top Vase $128
Dimity Sherman Lily Box $495
Daniel Boone Character Jug $331
Chintz Chocolate Tray $1310
American Beauty Sherman Lily Box $455
Turkey Gobler Artist Signed Plate $455
Swiss Dancers Maple Leaf Relish $105
Brittany Ball Teapot $355
Chintz Breakfast Set, minus the Egg Cup $1359
American Beauty Sherman Lily Box $481
Chintz Chocolate Tray $1009
Mistress Mary Pie Server $305
Mallard Duck Box & 2 Ashtrays $456
Mistress Mary Pie Server $305
Duck Box w/2 ashtrays $456
Bird Dog 12" Plate $1162
Turkey w/Acorns Cups & Saucers (6) $649
Fala 12" Plate $1102
Elegance Alice Pitcher $172
Turkey Gobbler Artist Signed Platter $600
Foxgrape Spiral Pitcher $313
Red Barn Spiral Pitcher $300
Piece of Cake set $699
Chickory Center-Handle Relish $307
Flamingo 8" Plate (Carribean Set) $280
Sailfish 8" Plate (Carribean Set) $380
Rose Hill Antique Pitcher $712
Duck in Hat Childs Plate $360
Mistress Mary 8" Plate $357
Rose of Sharon Milady Pitcher $267
Mallards 17" Platter $2500
Turkey Gobbler 17" Platter (Nelsene Calhoun) $710
Fall Colors Grace Pitcher $183
Indian Character Jug $750
Anniversary Song Mini Antique Pitcher $305
Anniversary Song Mini Spiral Pitcher $302
Melody Betsy Jug $365
French Peasant Ovide Teapot $285
Baby Squirrel Childs Plate $462
Miss Mouse Childs Plate $228
16th Century Lady 12" Plate $1125
Songbirds Salad Set (Astor) $416
Yellow Ribbon Breakfast Set $415
Anniversary Song Betsy Jug $599
Yellow Bunny Divided Feeding Dish $483
French Peasant Chocolate Tray $1526
Wild Turkey Artist Signed Platter $568
Melody Chocolate Pot $616
Dimity Sherman Lily Box $570
Blue Ridge Counter Sign $480
Turkey w/Acorns cup & saucer (4) $522
Indian Character Jug $688
Blue Heaven Breakfast Set $355
French Peasant Chocolate Set w/tray $2277
Bird Dog 12" Plate $1065
Indian Charcater Jug $760
Chintz Ovide Teapot $350
Weathervane Loop Handle Relish $365
Anniversary Song Mini Spiral Pitcher $760